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DRONE PLANER SIZE CHART (shown to scale)


Now you can get your lure down really deep without huge sinkers.  In the trolling position your lure goes down at a 45 angle.  When a fish is hooked your DRONE Planer returns to the surface, allowing you to fight your fish without a load of lead on your line.  The DRONE Planer works with any kind of line, such as wire or monofilament.  The smaller the diameter of your line the deeper it goes.

See the illustration below, which shows the suggested method of rigging a DRONE Planer, followed by more rigging/fishing tips.

Size Blade Size (in.) Weight 
#1 2 1/2 x 1 5/8 3
#2 3 x 2 3
#3 3 7/8 x 2 7/8 4
#4 5 1/2 x 3 1/2 8
#4HS 5 1/2 x 3 1/2 8
#5 6  x  4 1/4 8

The DRONE Planer is a sophisticated and precisely balanced piece of fishing gear. The lead acts as a keel and balance weight to keep the planer running true at controlled depths. When the planer is in the water in diving position, pressure against the stainless plate forces the planer down. When a fish strikes the balance is changed. The planer then trips and produces a slight upward drag. This allows you to fight your fish rather than a heavy lead sinker.  The lure used and the length of the leader used need to be balanced to the size of the planer. If too much drag is produced by the lure-leader combination the planer will not dive. It will then be necessary to go to a larger planer or a shorter leader-smaller lure combination.  When trolling close to the bottom the planer will trip if it hits the bottom hard. This can be used to your advantage. Let line out until the planer trips by dragging bottom. Retrieve a few feet of the line and reset the planer. To reset the planer give slack by bringing the rod tip forward and then quickly point the rod tip at the planer. If the planer trips again, repeat the process until the planer just bumps the bottom lightly . You will now have your lure working just over the bottom where many game fish feed.  To trip the planer for fast retrieve, lift the rod, slack way back and immediately give a hard pull on the rod. This will upset the planer and cause it to come to the surface.  Remember to tie the lure directly to the leader.

Leader length varies with species and water conditions: Bluefish & Stripers 15-20', Spanish Mackerel 20-25', King Mackerel 20-30', Bluefin Tuna 60-100', Wahoo 20-30'.

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