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The NEW "Electric" Series DRONE Spoons

Below you'll find our NEW "Electric" Series Finish Colors available for most sizes of our

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Electric Series Finish Colors
No Flash Scale
Silver Flash Scale (SFS)
Crystal Flash Scale (CFS)
Hot Pink Flash Scale (HPFS)
Yellow Flash Scale (YFS)
Glow Flash Scale (GLOFS)
Green Flash Scale(GRFS)
Red Flash Scale (RFS)
Orange Flash Scale (OFS) -- NEW!
Blue Flash Scale (BLFS)
Sky Blue Flash Scale (SKYFS) -- NEW!
Gold Flash Scale (GFS)
Mirror Gold Flash Scale (MGFS) -- NEW!
Purple Flash Scale (PFS)
Black Flash Scale (BKFS)
Pink Flash Scale (PIFS)

Scroll with arrows, click to apply flash scale

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